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We believe confidentiality is important to any client relationship.  A client’s willingness and ability to share information is an important factor in our ability to address their true needs and concerns.  We never share information about our clients with anyone.  Nor do we share client information with other clients or prospects.  Your information is safe with us!

Personalized Solutions...  

Each client is unique so we continually evaluate what our clients value most, allowing us to provide a personalized client experience. 

We ask how, when, and where clients would like to communicate with us.

Initial, no-obligation meetings are designed to understand a client's financial goals and discuss what steps are necessary to get on the path to success.   We want to learn more about you, your family and what is important to you.

Individualized Portfolios...

If your primary money management objective is safety and minimal risk of principal, we can help you make this investment choice with confidence.  On the other hand, if capital growth is your primary objective and you are comfortable with a higher risk factor, we can manage your portfolio accordingly. 

Portfolios are individually built and managed by our team utilizing securities we research.  Investment strategies are implemented that add value to the client portfolio and relationship.  We can explain what we own, why we own it, and how our client benefits.

Fee Based...

IAS is client-focused. We believe our independence, objectivity and fee structure prioritize a concern for the performance and growth of your portfolio.  Our fees are based on assets under management.  Generally, we require $250,000 minimum; however, because we value the relationship with our clients first and foremost, we retain the ability to accept clients below the minimum. *Our fee schedule is: 

Assets under Management                        Annual Fee

$0 to $1,000,000                                          1.00%

$1,000,000.01 to $2                                     0.90%

$2,000,000.01 or greater                             0.60%

*fees may be different based on individual client factors


IAS does not take custody of any assets we manage.  Most clients elect to have their assets held at The Institutional Brokerage Group of Fidelity Investments, or a custodian of their choice.